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We feed our birds like kings and queens so you can feast like one too. Our proprietary feed is made from wholesome plants like corn and soy and free from animal by-products, antibiotics, and chemicals.


The Food

Our Turkey Makes Mama Proud

We’re fanatical when it comes to our birds, but our obsession doesn’t end there. We pour as much heart and soul into product quality and safety as we do into caring for them.

Everything we offer is made to make a mouth monsoon. It starts with a big, bold, beautiful bird that’s been raised like no other, but it takes more than that. We source the finest, cleanest, tastiest ingredients and use only what’s essential to make our birds sing. (In a lot of cases, that means using nothing.) We brine and season with simple, flavorful ingredients, and our smoked turkey products bask in real hardwood smoke for hours. Our products are never made from scraps or trimmings. Even our ground turkey is made from whole muscle turkey, which gives it a divine, luscious texture in addition to unbeatable taste.

By the time it reaches your table—no matter what you choose—you can be sure that what you’re about to eat is a handcrafted piece of poultry art with the mouthwatering flavor and a succulent texture you want in a craving.


The Family

Last Name is Just the Start

This ranch has been in our family for more than 70 years. In that time, the Diestel family has grown a lot—and not just by blood. Each of our customers, partners, and team members has helped to make us the company we are today, and we’re going to do our damnedest to do right by them.

We donate more than 100,000 pounds of turkey to our local food bank each year and partner with organizations like Meals on Wheels. We work with schools, too, donating compost from our ranch to those with on-site gardens to help the next generation of meat aficionados learn to grow and value real, whole, natural foods.

And like any family, we take care of our own. Our team members earn more than a paycheck. They get paid time off to do the things they love, matched retirement accounts for a bright future, and opportunities for growth—both personally and professionally. With how much time we spend shoulder-to-shoulder, it’s the least we could do.